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Photography & Graphics: Protecting Your Exhibit Graphics

Because they can be so easily damaged, it’s critical that you protect your exhibit graphics for transport to and from shows. Your best bet is to assume your graphics will be abused, and to package them to withstand that abuse. Try these four tips:

1. If possible, design your graphics to fit easily into your exhibit cases. Exhibit cases or crates are designed to withstand rough handling, which will benefit your graphics as well as your exhibit structure.

2. Never force or over-pack graphics. If your cases are getting tight, get another graphics case.

3. Make sure rigid graphics are well-secured within the package and have adequate padding. It’s all too easy for rigid graphics to obtain nicks or dents if they’re allowed to "move" in their storage container.

4. Always insure. Heavily insured packages are hardly every lost or damaged, since their value goes up in the eyes of their handlers.

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